December 16, 2012

Kai meets Ocean

 Dear Kyla,

We went on our first family vacation in October - all the way to Cape Cod! We really wanted you to meet the ocean, a special friend to your dad and I. In fact we chose your nickname, Kai, because it means ocean. We knew this would be your name for a long time, ever since we stood on Kits beach in Vancouver - our first home. So far you have very much lived up to this nickname of yours. Like the ocean you are a whirlwind of activity, moving and changing right before our eyes. The ocean, however, can also be very calming and gentle and we often see these attributes in you as you sit and examine your books, reach to pat your puppy friends and nuzzle into us as we read to you. You are beautiful, graceful on your tip toes and you are always surprising us with something new each day. We have high hopes that you and the ocean will be life long friends!

Gaol Daonnon,

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