August 13, 2012

lions and tigers and bears - oh my!

Dear Kai,

Today we took you to the zoo for the first time. Your dad and I have been looking forward to this for awhile now but we held out until we thought you could appreciate it a little more and not sleep through the visit. 

This was also a special visit as we went with your Gran and Great Aunt Elaine.  You enjoyed riding on the Zoomobile with Great Aunt Elaine and didn't want to go in your stroller at all which made nap time a bit tough but you managed to get a bit of shut eye in your baby bjorn.

I think your favourite animals were the hippos and the elephants.  You thought the hippos needed to go for a swim so you called out to them until they came towards you and took a dip in their pool.  The elephant snuck up on Daddy and you but you didn't seem to mind and were quite mesmerized by its gentle strides around the enclosure.

It was a big day indeed and you were quite tired by the end of it.  It is now safe to say that music of any kind will calm you down and Adele seems to be the ticket at the moment. She made many the appearance at the zoo via my iPhone (thank goodness for this technology!).

We didn't get to see everything but that's okay since Daddy and I got zoo memberships so we can take you back again soon.  It will be so fun to see which animal amuses you next time.  Until then we will continue to live with our own crazy zoo animals Lily & Spout!

Gaol Daonnon

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