September 9, 2012

bon fete kai!

Dear Kai,
Well we just can't believe you are six months old today, everyone says it but time has just flown by.  Your Daddy and I are so proud of you - you are a beautiful, smart and energetic little girl with a sparkle in your little eyes and a curiosity for the world around you which very much keeps life entertaining these days.  Here's a little about what you have been up to over the last six months.

On the move:
You are quite the active little bean, never ceasing to amaze us with where you'll move to next and in what way.  You began rolling over early on (under two months) and became a rolling machine at two and a half months rolling like a little hot potato all over the place.  You have never really seemed to enjoy tummy time as it seemed to be a reminder that you were stuck and right from the start you grumbled and grunted as you desperately tried to move yourself. Move you did, in a sort of use-my-head-and-legs-to-drag-myself-all-over-the-place way, until you realized at five months that your arms come in quite handy too and thus began the crawl which you are still mastering and are slightly unsure of.  Still you are getting places girl which makes Daddy and I yawn just thinking ahead as we know this is when the fun really begins!

Happy baby:
You are a smiley little girl and your giggle is music to our ears. My favourite time of day is going into your room right when you wake up as you are so smiley. You love people and are so curious about everything around you. You really like puppets - so random but you just get such a kick out of them. You also love your fur siblings Lily and Sprout giggling at their licks and their funny slobbering smiles. We often find you babbling away to your stuffed monkey it seems anything with a little face will make you giggle.

The Sound of Music:
It's not a huge surprise that you love music, whether it being your Dad playing his guitar or banjo or the music on my iPhone which puts you to sleep when we are out and about. You also love your music class and especially enjoy the tambourine! There are a few songs which will settle you down right away if we sign them they are - All you Need is Love, Come thou Fount of Every Blessing and All my Loving. We hope music will continue to be an important part of your life.

We are so excited for where the next six months will take us and to watch you continue to flourish. You have brought us such joy since you came into our lives and now Daddy, Lily, Sprout and I simply can't imagine life without you. Happy half-birthday baby girl, we sure do love you!

Gaol Daonnon,

September 6, 2012

on the move!

Oh Kyla,

Your Daddy and I are in for it now!  We knew it was coming and it seemed to be coming fast as you were born ready to move but just this past week we were still surprised to see you take a few solid crawls and now you are most definitely on the move!

Lily and Sprout better watch out and Daddy and I better get cracking on safe-proofing our home which is daunting to say the least.  All the things you can now get your little hands on - oh my!

We are proud of you little miss mover and yet know this is really only the beginning of the many ways your will surprise us in the future with your wonderful ways of exploring and advancing. We are excited little one!

Gaol Daonnon,